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Zayn Malik Style Tips

3 Style Tips You Need to Swipe From Zayn Malik

 Ok. So I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in saying that Zayn had the strongest style game out of all of the 1D guys.

And it’s not just the soul-drenched eyes, impeccable grooming skills or his awesome tattoos that impress.

This guy has seriously impressive taste – whether it’s a show-stopping red carpet suit that’s a cut above the rest of the crowd, or a quietly impressive look that leaves you wishing you only looked half as cool when you’re on your coffee run.

So it’s only fair that you should steal a few pages from his style book, right?


1. Work your shape

Zayn’s number one style secret is not about rooting out the most amazing, off-the-radar designers or having a stellar personal stylist doing all the hard work for you.

His secret? Working the body shape you have. As a slim guy, he picks out great shirt and blazer combos that work to broaden his chest – without looking over-exaggerated. We’re not looking for zoot suits here.

For him, double-breasted jackets and waistcoats work perfectly to do this. For slim guys like Zayn, this is a great way of creating that visual illusion to create a fuller look. But if you’re a bigger guy, you can create that same, streamlined effect by opting for a slim fitting blazer that creates great definition.

2. Go monochrome

 You can rarely go wrong with black – but head to toe in one block shade can sometimes make you look a bit, well, ridiculous.

So here’s sneaky style tip numero 2 from Zayn – break it up by going for a tonal look instead – within a single colour palette.

Sounds too complicated for you?

Take this super casual look Zayn was sporting on stage, relaxed, easy but still somehow leaves him looking a ton better put together than the rest of his former 1D compadres. He layers up black and grey like a subtle pencil drawing – sleek and shiny leather lace ups, jet black skinny denim and a well-worn, faded grey tee.

You can work this with more than just black – in fact, working a single colour in this way looks even more impressive. Start off with safer shades like green or blue – throw khaki, olive and emerald into the mix, or go with Japanese selvedge denim in indigo,  paired with chambray or even a blue tinted madras check print.

3. Embrace the statement 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to rock a statement piece.

Whether it’s a classic bandana, an attention grabbing tee, or a bold printed shirt – work it.

And Zayn perfectly demonstrates how to do this – by balancing statement style, with a whole load of restraint. It takes some finely honed self control to do this – because it’s tempting to just go the whole way – but trust me, less is definitely more here.

This incredible graphic printed shirt from Sandro is paired brilliantly with a clean, minimalistic look – letting it do all the talking. And the overall effect is stop-you-in-your-tracks striking.

So what are your favourite looks from Zayn? Do you love these style tips – what else would you want to swipe from his wardrobe?