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Best destinations for solo travellers

The World’s Best Destinations for Solo Travellers

You don’t need a travel buddy to explore the world. All you need is an inquisitive heart and be ready to embrace every adventure that comes your way!

So if you’re planning on travelling solo, heads up. Here are some of the must-see places that are brilliant to visit on your own.


Friendly, beautiful and full of an incredible amount to see, experience and savour – Iceland is one of the most user-friendly countries to visit, and definitely will not disappoint the solo adventurer. As the country itself is small, it’s easy to navigate, and friendly locals will make your stay here a welcoming one.

Soak up Reykjavik’s cosmopolitan but laidback vibe, head out on a day trip to remote geysers and black sand beaches, or lose yourself beneath the incredible sight of the Northern Lights.  


The quintessential solo traveller’s haven – Bali is the perfect place for all kinds of introspective soul-searching, and is best seen and experienced alone.

A virtual paradise on earth, complete with yoga retreats around every corner, delicious tropical food, tempting massages and beautiful beaches to relax on. Treat yourself to total indulgence with a personal detox in Bali, and you’ll emerge positively glowing on the other side.

New Zealand

Anyone who’s swooned over the captivating landscapes in the Lord of the Rings will already know they’re in for a treat when visiting here. The two small islands are home to an incredible array of cinematic backdrops – lush rainforests that are perfect for adventuring in, amazing glaciers, mountain ranges – and a bumper list of adrenaline-fuelled activities, from bungee jumping to jet boating.

You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a people more friendly, relaxed and open-minded – and as one of the safest ranking countries in the world, this will be a solo adventure to remember.


 All you need to explore Switzerland is a Swiss Rail Pass and a well-equipped backpack. This picture-perfect Alpine country is a treat to enjoy on your own – savour every moment and experience, as you pass through the picturesque countryside, pristine glacier lakes, and absorb the charm of the historic city of Zurich.

A cosmopolitan embrace of multiple languages means that you’ll probably find yourself striking up a conversation with a fellow traveller or local – and leave you coming away with new friends, and plenty of great memories.

Costa Rica

If the tough grit of the adventuring life is tugging at your heart strings, then head out to Costa Rica. While getting around can be a demanding endeavour, the breath-taking landscape and fantastically warm people more than make up for it.

Costa Rica isn’t known as the world’s happiest country for nothing – here, you’ll be surfing on the Pacific, heading down wild white waters, through winding jungle paths and off-the-grid eco lodges, notching up enough stories to last you a lifetime.


Vietnam offers up much more than just the beach-bum escape that it’s so well known for – dive straight into to its colourful and rambunctious world for a full throttle experience.

Get lost amid the chaos of bustling city markets and sample the mouth-watering street food until you burst. Get a local tour guide to lead you on an incredible trek through the mountains and slow down with a train ride across the country – while it’s not the most comfortable of rides, it’s worth it just for the serene views of the landscape you’ll get to glimpse as you roll through!


Probably one of the most perfect destinations ever for the solo explorer, Japan is easy to travel across, and offers up some truly epic variety of contrasts – deeply fascinating history, the charm and tranquillity of old towns, the frenetic rush of the metropolis, and some beautiful natural scenery to boot.

The country also has a long tradition of honouring solitary travellers, with traditional ryonkan inns designed to meet the needs of a nomad. Enjoy some of the most exquisite sushi in the world at ease by yourself, relax in hot springs or watch the world fly by from your bullet train seat.

The Netherlands

Impossibly cool and laidback, the Netherlands are an ideal choice for an effortless solitary travel experience. Needing little more than two wheels to get around anywhere, you can travel pretty independently wherever you go – and there’s plenty to experience.

Explore Amsterdam’s maze of little alleys and canals, and soak up the city’s famously liberal and relaxed atmosphere, or head further afield to sample delicious cuisine and culture. It’s also worth taking a day trip to the picturesque villages that dot the countryside too – fields of windmills and tulips are there to make all your pastoral dreams come true.