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New Minimalism

How to: Create the New Minimalist Look

 Aesthetically, the minimalist look is one that has incredible visual appeal.

Nothing looks more striking in a glossy editorial image. Stripped of unnecessary excess, clean, sharp lines abound. There’s something pristine and rarefied about it – but is that kind of extreme perfection really a style you can live with?

Enter the New Minimalism. As The Spaces Magazine aptly describes, a contemporary take on minimalism is one that re-evaluates how we can add the values of minimalist style to the way we actually live – and embraces the imperfections that make up everyday life.

Here are four ways you can create the new minimalist look in your home.

1.    Pair brightness with warmth

It’s easy to identify the hallmarks of minimalist design. Stark white spaces – underscored with elements of grey or black, with a strong hint of clean, industrial efficiency.

But if that feels a little too cold and clinical for a home, enhance the brightness of a bold white space with elements that introduce warmth and tactility in an understated way.

Adding a variety of texture to a room can be an effective way to retain the clean, bright look whilst adding depth and dimension. Contrast the smooth, cool feel of sleek metal or plastic with natural and organic textures in the same colour tones – the subtle pattern of wood grain on furnishing or flooring or the luxurious pile of a sheepskin throw immediately adds an inviting air.

2.    Use technology judiciously

 You might think that ever-shrinking and streamlined technology should make for a more minimalist home.

But it’s easy to find your perfect home swamped in the detritus of technology, instead of making it a more comfortable living space.

Instead of allowing technology to take over every available area, create focus and centred spaces instead. If you’ve gone television-free, use the free room to create a central focal point – using a fireplace or artwork to make an impact.

3.    Embrace a softer palette

 Craving a little visual variety beyond the sea of monochrome?

Embrace an array of softer, subtle hues that can add diversity to your home, without detracting from the minimalist theme.

Natural tones work best alongside monochrome shades – let the soft, organic colours of undyed wool throws or rugs add a warm hint of colour, or add calming neutrals as an alternative to bright white.

You can also introduce bolder accents in spare doses – a rich, vibrant accent in the form of luscious verdant greenery or an eye-catching central accessory can be the cohesive element to bring together a minimalist room.

4.    Highlight natural imperfections

The impossible perfection of minimalism is what gives it its precise and flawless appeal – but it’s also a far cry from reality.

Instead of hiding the imperfections of daily life, bring them to the fore instead, by allowing natural imperfections to take centre stage.

Allow asymmetric wood grain to emerge naturally out of flooring, or juxtapose beautiful mechanically produced furnishing pieces, with handcrafted accessories and accents, to bring back a personal and individual touch.

A natural sheepskin throw over a wire-woven chair, or a joyfully untamed trailing plant can bring a vital touch of contrast and vibrancy.