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Goats cheese

Goat’s Cheese and Spiced Plum Chutney Filo Parcels

Cheese and pickle is a classic combo that never gets old – but if you want something a little fancier for the dinner plate than a sandwich, then this crispy combination of flavours and textures is ideal. Parcelled up in light, crunchy filo packets of joy – these golden parcels reveal a delicious contrast between the flavoursome sweet and spiciness of plum chutney, with a creamy, pungent goat’s cheese. Serve up with a fresh green salad and a drizzle of vinaigrette for a light starter, or on their own as bite-size hor d’oeuvres.

Ingredients (makes 16 parcels)

  • 250g full fat goat’s cheese
  • 300g spiced plum chutney
  • 1 pack fresh filo pastry (12 sheets)
  • olive oil for brushing

(NB: Filo pastry will dry out very quickly, so it is best to keep it wrapped un in a damp cloth during preparation.)


1.     Preheat the oven to 200 degrees centigrade.

2.     Divide goat’s cheese into 16 portions.

3.     Cut filo sheets into quarters. Use three pieces of pastry for each parcel.

4.     Arrange pastry pieces in a star shape, brushing each layer lightly with olive oil.

5.     Place goat’s cheese and a teaspoon of chutney in the centre of the pastry layers, and twist up the edges into a parcel.

6.     Brush over with a little more olive oil, and place on a tray covered in parchment paper.

7.     Repeat until all parcels are complete. Bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown. Remove and allow to cool before serving.