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3 editorial calendar tools to kick start your content marketing

You’ve heard plenty of buzz about ‘content marketing’ – and you know it’s essential to getting your business to the next level.

But where do you start? Sometimes getting the ball rolling can seem like the toughest challenge!

Luckily, there are some pretty sweet editorial calendar tools out there to get you going. Whether you’ve just started blogging or want to build hype about your business, these tools will really help you move forward.

Read on to find out which is the best one for you!


The key to great content marketing?

Consistency. And that means delivering awesome content – on a regular basis.

Of course, when you’re managing a blog or social network profile, it’s usually one amongst a million other tasks on your plate. And you can soon find your intentions slipping, as planned posts simply get put further and further back.

This is where CoSchedule can help. CoSchedule is a calendar tool, designed to help you create, update and post blog posts, and comes as an app as well as a neat Wordpress plug-in.

The most helpful thing about it? You can check at a single glance what’s been published, in progress – and any gaps in the schedule that need to be filled.

 Perfect for killing those productivity dead spots!


Trello is another super-powered project management tool, designed to help you keep tabs on everything that’s going on, who’s doing what – and when it’s supposed to be delivered.

With a calendar tool as part of its package, Trello is great for those who love to categorise everything neatly. Here, you can use labels to organise different themes, types of content – and of course, the all-important status!

So if you’re working with lots of different types of content – such as blogs, infographics, vlogs and podcasts – and you need to juggle through them neatly and effectively, this could be the ideal tool for you.

Content DJ

Trying to manage a lot of different social media profiles? Content DJ might make it easier to manage them all in one place, thanks to its easy integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wordpress and many more!

 With the ability to drag and drop events and reminders right on to your schedule, this has an intuitive interface and is pleasantly easy to use.

And we also love the handy colour coding option, making it super-straightforward to add a simple label onto different tasks.

 So which editorial tool will you be going for?