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Top Conversion Killers

The top conversion killers – and how to beat them

You’ve worked hard on your marketing activities. You’re even getting in plenty of traffic to your site – you know this because you’ve checked your analytics on a daily basis!

But for some reason – all those hits on your landing page just aren’t making it into conversions.

Why not?

The answer is: conversion killers. These are a sneaky set of troublemakers that can undermine all your effort and turn those valuable prospects into near-misses. Read on to find out more about them – and how you can banish them for good.

Your content isn’t clear

 Here’s where effective content marketing can really make a difference. Writing blog posts and sharing on social media isn’t just about the raw material – how you express the information you convey makes a major difference.

Remember that on average – users won’t stay on your site for more than 15 seconds, unless something has grabbed their attention.

That means you’ve got 15 seconds – or less – to make your mark.

It doesn’t make any difference to your user if you’ve shared an absolute goldmine of a blog post – if it’s difficult to read. They’re still going to close off that window.

So make sure that your content is attention grabbing, and makes its point clearly. A sharp and captivating headline – that actually reflects what your content is about – is a great start.

Follow on with concise paragraphs and short sentences with an engaging style and tone.

Your site isn’t user-friendly

 Effective web design isn’t just about a swish and stylish looking website – it needs to be easy to use – for your target audience.

Is it easy to navigate your website, or do you need a detailed manual to make your way past the home page? Is the text size, style and colour easy on the eye – or do complicated fonts and graphics make your site a migraine magnet?

By making sure that your site is as easy and enjoyable to experience as possible, you’ll encourage your audience to stay longer – and take the step to convert.

Your shopping basket isn’t obvious

 This one can seem like a real “d’oh!” moment – but it’s often one of the most common reasons why clicks don’t go through to sales.

So review your website design from the point of view of your customer – how does it look and feel as you explore your site and products?

Make it as easy as possible to select items and checkout – and provide helpful prompts and shortcuts, with an easy and obvious call to action.