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How to Build a Stronger Client Relationship

How to Build a Stronger Client Relationship - and Boost Your Sales

 When you’re looking to boost your sales figures, where do you turn to?

Potential prospects who bring the buzz and excitement of something new?

Or past clients who know, and love, what you do already?

While seeking out new opportunities is definitely vital for growing your business, it’s also incredibly important to nurture your relationships with your existing clients. And this doesn’t mean sending them the occasional newsletter or annual phone call when you have a new promotion in the pipeline.

So how can you build a stronger relationship – and how will it ultimately help your goal? Read on to find out!

Treat your clients as people - through meaningful communication

Your connections with your clients are valuable and important – and looking after them well can make the difference between having a string of one-off projects, or relationships that develop and add value over a long period of time.

To achieve this, you need to move beyond the short-term view of seeing them as just another revenue stream.

While communications like an update on your most recent promotion or special offer might be useful, they’re ultimately not a great way of keeping your client interested in what you do.

Instead, share meaningful information with them that is going to be useful and informative. Create and share content that is both engaging and insightful – your clients will reward you by remembering the value your business offers them.

Act with integrity

Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets - it needs to be well looked after, and how you interact with clients will have a huge impact on this.

Always maintain honesty and openness- remember that your client is pretty smart, and can spot a poor excuse or a white lie more easily than you might think! Don’t over-stretch by committing to more than you can deliver, and try to keep your word.

Showing clients that you can make deadlines and meeting times demonstrates that you’re trustworthy and reliable, and will encourage them to return back to your business later on.

Stay at the top of what you do

No amount of great communication or transparency in your dealings with clients can make up for poor quality – the best way to develop that stronger relationship is to ensure that you always maintain a consistent and high level.

Don’t make the mistake of saving the best to entice new prospects only – by demonstrating that you can deliver a consistent level of service throughout your relationship, your clients are ultimately going to be more eager to recommend you to others.