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AnUka Jewellery

AnUka Jewellery – Modern Simplicity

Sometimes creativity needs no extra embellishment to make it shine.

Sometimes – simplicity can make the strongest message.

For AnUka Jewellery – natural simplicity is its strongest power – featuring elegant, striking and bold designs in their unique jewellery - that speak volumes through their independence and minimalism.

From beach to bench

Inspiration can strike at any time – but if you’re as lucky as AnUka’s founder, Francesca Kippax, the muse will hit you right when you’re in an earthly paradise – in Francesca’s case, a beautiful beach in South Vietnam.

With a background in fine art and silversmithing, she already had a deep love for beautiful and unique creations. Then living in South Vietnam gave her the opportunity to expand her artistic horizons, taking inspiration from people from all over the world and a global melting pot of aesthetic ideas.

The result was something pure, simple, straight and clear – hearkening the age old mantra: less is more.

Clarity and boldness

AnUka’s designs feature a refreshing feeling of clarity – allowing for plenty of space to let the serene, graphic shapes speak for themselves.

From unusual silver rings such as the dainty and quirkily shaped Mani ring – perfect for stacking or wearing solo – to the bold, architectural lines of the Koti angle ring, these are deceptively simple.

Only the sparest of extra embellishment – a faceted silver charm or a delicate chained bracelet is needed. Instead opting for clear, bold lines and strong shapes in fine materials gives these pieces an innate air of elegance.

Perfect for adding a subtle touch of adornment to your everyday outfit – or understated luxury on a night out.

Everyday pleasure

Once you’ve added AnUka to your jewellery collection, you won’t want to let go of them.

No fuss designs that perfectly capture the balance of simplicity and prettiness make these a real delight to wear every single day. Keep it simple with a white tee, your favourite jeans and a slim handcrafted cuff in gold vermeil.

Or shine by night with their unusual necklaces – pair with a draping LBD and heels for instant elegance.