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I help brands create a unique digital presence for a genuine audience connection.


Miriam Pethania

I'm a freelance conceptual copywriter, content strategist and editor, providing copywriting and content services for digital and print.

I create captivating and compelling content for consumer and business audiences, and specialise in the lifestyle sector. I love working with travel, food, health, fashion and design brands of all shapes and sizes, as these are essentially my favourite things in life. I am based in the UK and work with brands across the globe. I’m an expert at juggling time zones.

I channel my obsessive passion into your brand – to find your story, and speak to your audience, in your voice. I create memorable, fascinating relationships between brands and audiences, to leave them hooked and enthralled on every word – and to plant the seed of engagement and action.

My corporate work is balanced with my own creative pursuits, with my first volume of poetry, winding/unwinding, published in 2018, and other artistic experimentations. You can find me on Amazon and on instagram.